Friday, September 2, 2011

Classic Course 489

It had been a couple of month since I was attend for Classic Course 489 at Outward Bound Lumut (1st July- 25th July). It was a great course and it took about 25 days of torturing without any cell phone, books, mp3, internet, money, even newspaper.

For the first few days, I always thinking about my phone, who will SMS me or call me. But after we start our expedition, we didn't realize about our gadgets. What do we think about is, how to face the challenge on the next day. What will happen next and what scenario will lead our journey.

Even though many things happen, but it make me learn how to deal and face with such people or the environment. Sometimes I learn from my own mistake and I try to make it in a better way for sake of my own good. I need to control my tamper in some situation. I'm not a person that easily get mad, but I'm the person who always keep my temper until the limits is off.

Things getting funny when all of our friends find out that me and the other four of my mates are trainee instructor for Outward Bound Lumut. We need to hide our identity for the sake of a smooth program. Those things happen makes me laugh by my own self when I think about it and it was a great experiences that I have with them.. Hotchuway!!!!!

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